Utilizing our in house manual and automated screen print facility, we're happy to provide you the best the industry has to offer. With over 20+ years in the industry, we are constantly pushing the envelope of our capabilities.


Our artisan screen printers take pride in insuring you receive the best quality possible. We invite you to browse through a brief presentation of our capabilities of inspiration for your next project.


If you're not achieving the inspiration you would like, please contact us for more information and a qualified professional will contact you immediately.


The conservative ink choice that has been used since the beginning.


It can do everything from stretch to crack to puff and act as an adhesive for foiling and special effects.


Plastisol technology has come a long way creating softer hand feels, finer dot patterns and great color PMS representation.


We currently use Rutland MX mixing system and Union Ink based products including but not limited to metallics, fluorescents, pearls and shimmers.


Plastisol has a great deal to offer your next project.


Soft-hand screen printing is not necessarily a water based print. It lends itself to a softer hand with less opacity very similar to a water based product.


Reducing and extending the ink allows us to utilize the pigments in plastisols but add the nice hand feel of water bases.


As a hybrid solution, we have also applied a plasticharge or hybrid discharge ink to some project requiring the ultimate soft-hand feel. Keep in mind any discharge requests must be done on 100% cotton fabrics as the chemistry only reacts to organic fibers.


See below discharge for more information.


Dot Patterns and halftones are our specialty. Utilizing fine mesh screens, crisp films and an accurately controlled environment for burning screens.


We pride ourselves in achieving accurate dot pattern with simple jobs as well as complete spot process color schemes.


If you're looking to have your next project utilize this technique, please contact us so we can help you make the best decisions to make that print stand out.




Foiling effects are a great way to add sparkle and "wow" factor to any screen print project.


With standard in house colors ranging from silver and gold to reds and blacks, we will have something here to meet your requirements.


Want a super wet and slick look to your next screen print project? We carry a clear foil designed to make any screen print designs look coated and glossy.


How about a pearlescent  foil added to an existing color? We have it. Give us a call for more information.


The concept of discharge is simple but the execution is not without it's challenges. Discharge is an organic compound designed to remove the dye from an organic reactive dyed fabric.


It can be pigmented in addition to remove fabric dye and add ink pigment in one step. However, discharge prints have their challenges and not all garments are meant for this technique.


However, this technique renders a super soft hand feel and can really turns some heads when executed properly.


Please see our plastisol vs. waterbase section for more info.


Glow inks or UV responsive inks can add a nice subtle charm for those looking to some added fun.


It can make most inks glow under a black light that otherwise wouldn't and add that special "pop" and "wow" factor to any design.


Ask how we can apply UV Black Light Ink techniques to your next project.


Added to almost any color, puff ink adds a sueded feel to screen print. It can be used on most fabrics and is a great way to add dimension to an otherwise simple design.


Be sure to ask if your design or project can utilize this technique.

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